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The IMSET members are:

• Jaka Peterka - vocal, guitar
• Jaka Ažman- back-up vocal, bass
• Tilen Vake-solo guitar
• Blaž Horvat- percussion
• Dejan Macura- keyboards

In our music You can find something about most of the listeners have forgotten, which is a soul and a passion of creation. We’re a collective of individuals with different taste in music but together we create something fresh, unusual and unique - The Imset sound. We believe that music is something more than just a sound, it’s a joy and millions of emotions, and that’s exactly what we are trying to give our audience.

Despite the relatively young age, we achieved great success like:

• Concert on the biggest charity festival in Poland "The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity 2014"

• Co-op with the one of the best and famous rapper in Slovenia Zlatko ( Zlatan Čordić)

• Support with Omar Naber- the amazing rock music musician

• Co-op with the one of the greatest musicians in Slovenia - frontman of rock band Siddharta: Tomi Meglič

• Concert on the biggest festival in the country “ SchengenFest 2013”

• Festival "Vransko Summer Night 2014"

• 1st place on the rock festival “ Glas Mladih 2012”

• 1st place on “6. Glasbeni festival”

• No.1 for 10 weeks on a Radio 1 playlist

• No.1 for 8 weeks on a Dragon’s top 10 rock music playlist

• Headliners at the "Ray-Ban concert" in Brežice

• Headliners at the festival "3. Domžalska noč"

• And many, many festivals more…

We achieved many successes in Slovenia, however, it is only the beginning. Now we would like to exist in international music industry, and try our hand at such projects like Woodstock Festival and many others. We believe that our music can bring a fresh air to the paved way of the rock music.

• ogólnie Rock
• szczegółowo Muzyka akustyczna, Alternative rock, Hard rock, Pop-rock, Rock, Rock and roll, Rap

Poziom artystyczny: Zawodowiec

Przykładowa cena za występ:
Food / Drink - 2 000,00 zł

Dojazd do: 835 km

Z nami uda Ci się:
• Impreza na luzie
• Urodziny, Imieniny
• Osiemnastka
• Studniówka
• Sylwester
• Andrzejki
• Randka
• Impreza integracyjna
Dane teleadresowe:

31-154 Kraków

telefon: +386 51 604 790


Jak dojechać: ,
GPS: 50.064825 19.95138350000002

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